Seller Representation

Seller Representation – a candid look!

A1. MARKETING – As a Realtor I utilize the Internet and MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which increases exposure to potential buyers. More interest leads to more offers, resulting in higher sales prices.

Here is how hiring me as your Seller’s Agent will directly benefit you:

1.If you are serious about selling, I will coach you through a Market Analysis.

2.The coach (me) will direct your team because he knows what to expect from the Buyer’s team.

3.Usually the seller and I have a huddle. The seller is the owner but I conduct all of the plays on the field. That means the owner is responsible for putting all of the lights on so we can see what we are doing! I’m sure you have noticed that when you attend a football game (especially the ones inside) every single light is on, not just the ones in the dark corners! It makes a difference!

4.Advertising. As we have just covered in the previous paragraph, I’ll be pulling out a lot of stops investing my own time and money to try to win the game for the owner. To help our cause the owner needs to invest a few cents by forgetting everything he learned about saving electricity. Yes, a bright “stadium” for an hour or two before and during showings allows for the best warm-up and play action. Hut!

5.Marketing. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the Internet are the most powerful tools in selling a property. Once a property lists in MLS, my listings automatically become listed on,, Zillow, Trulia, and – all very high traffic websites. I’m among just 10% of agents providing custom details & multiple photos of your property to where buyers demand it, while some other firms don’t even list the contact agent, so an inquiry on your property could end up going to someone who doesn’t know anything about your property!

6.RE/MAX agent advantage – The RE/MAX system is very different from other real estate companies. RE/MAX agents have complete flexibility to serve their clients because they operate their own “business within a business”. As a result, independent agents are responsible for paying monthly fees instead of their real estate firm fronting most costs. RE/MAX agent fees include: office and franchise fees, all realtor membership & MLS fees, automobile costs and utilities, besides all marketing costs and materials. Therefore only the best agents survive as a result of satisfying their clients.

7.Easy showings. With the latest high tech tools, MAPass is a showing service available 24/7 to other agents. Showings will be arranged according to the seller’s wishes. A property that can’t be seen can’t be sold.

8.Attracting Buyer Agents – Since most realtors work strictly on commission, it is my policy to fairly compensate co-operating buyer agents. In keeping with the football analogy, we’re all free agents and we go wherever we are compensated the most.

9.Staging your property – Buyers demand properties in their best condition so those sell much quicker. But showcasing a property doesn’t have to bankrupt a seller. My suggestions and contractor contacts can make a big difference by shortening market time and maximizing your sale price.

10.Negotiation – a Seller’s agent represents his client, the seller throughout the transaction just as a Buyer’s agent represents his client, the buyer.

11.Hiring an experienced Seller’s agent can help you avoid the 10 Biggest Mistakes For Sale by Owners Make

12.Best return on your investment – Is there really a sales fee to be saved if a For Sale by Owner can’t attract the same traffic a realtor does? Sales involving a Seller’s agent result in significantly higher sales prices on average than owners selling by themselves (source: National Association of Realtors). Isn’t the buyer expecting to pay less if a realtor isn’t involved? A Seller’s agents does all of the work and doesn’t get paid until the sale closes.

13.Disclosure of any known property defects, rights of way, easements, and other sure surprises likely won’t leave anyone unlucky after the sale.

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