Buyer Representation

Buyer Representation – a candid look!

1. Pre-Approval Letter is needed which shows potential sellers you are qualified to buy their property. I refer you to dedicated, experienced Mortgage officers who follow-through. Why take chances with an unknown? Reasoning: This is the 1st item requested by a Seller when you make a serious offer – Be Prepared! I can help you find the right home fast!

2. FREE Daily E-mail of property matching your criteria begins your panning for gold. My experience will dig out the nugget!

3. Viewing Property: Which gems shine and which don’t! Translation: Experienced realtors are trained to note obvious physical defects and get the best information before you waste your time on an offer and your money on a Home Inspector!

4. Home Inspectors can be recommended to Buyer Clients. Why? because a good inspector is thorough, doesn’t take all day and won’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Radon, Lead Paint, Termite, Asbestos and Mold issues now call for specialists.

5. Negotiation: It’s your Buyer Agent’s job throughout the transaction including: Initial offer, Home inspection results, Bank Appraisal and any “other” appropriate situation.

6. The Town Hall: That’s right – if your realtor has never been there to verify basic info of taxes & tax rates, house & lot sizes and how zoning, flood plain, setbacks, and acquifer zones may affect your buying decision – WHY USE THEM?

7. Registry of Deeds: It’s not just where you pass papers! This is a goldmine of information and a great place to check on a deed that Town Halls frequently don’t have on file. While never taking the place of a Title Examiner, an experienced realtor can sometimes discover obvious easements, wrong property dimensions and building restrictions that appear on deeds. For example if a Tennessee Gas pipeline ran through the middle of your yard, wouldn’t you like to know about it before the closing?

8. Accomplished buyer’s agents work with the tangible property and paperwork involving the offer, inspections, banks and attorneys while being sensitive to the intangibles: the emotions of both buyer and seller.

9. In short, a good buyer’s agent is an accomplished chef: he/she follows a recipe, mixing the right ingredients at the right time with just the right touch for a tasty finish!

10.A copy of “The Buying Process” is available to all of my clients. This outlines the basic steps involved before you step into your new home.

  1. Considering a Condominium? You’ll need my 25 Questions to ask the Condo Association before you buy! Avoid unnecessary surprises that can cost you financially and/or emotionally after you move in.
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